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Large tumble polished stones are being held in a person's hand.  Varieties seen include amethyst, agates, aventurine, and sodalite.

Original Size

Our shop barrel has been stocked with these stones since the 1960's. Nothing is dyed, and no kids, the clear ones aren't glass.

Receive an average of 40 (35-50) natural tumbled stones per pound that measure approximately 1 to 2 inches in length.

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A hand holding a spray of colorful tumbled gemstone chips.  Minerals include unakite, amethyst, and polished crystals.

Tiny Gemstone Chips

Perfect for artists and crafters, these tiny tumbled gemstone chips might just be that missing element to your big project.

Only available online.

Receive an average of 480 (450-550) polished stone chips per pound that measure 5/16 inch to 5/8 inch in length.

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Six extra large tumbled stones are resting on a person's hand.  Stones are roughly the person's thumb in size.

Jumbo Stones

What started as a limited time offering has become a crowd favorite.

Jumbo Stones are preferred by healing and Reiki practitioners.

Only availalbe online.

Receive an average of 22 (18-25) Jumbo Stones per pound that measure between 1.25 and 2.25 inches in length.

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  • A rustic oak barrel filled with mixed varieties of natured tumbled stones.

    Since 1964

    Visit the barrel of your childhood and dig through the same tumbled stone mix as you did back then. Same barrel, same mix... different rocks.

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  • Not Produced, Distributed by, or a Product of China

    Rough crystals are sourced from around the world, then tumbled by our South African affiliates.


    We ship directly from Southern California to you, which grants us the ability and control to guarantee there are no dyed stones or imitation material in our tumbled stone mixes.

  • A tumble polished piece of garden quartz.  The stone is clear with many different crystalline inclusions.

    No, It's Really Not Glass.

    Quartz is one of Earth's most abundant natural mineral resources. Some crystals are found with many different types of inclusions, while other stones can be as clear as a waterdrop.

    Speaking Of Waterdrops... 
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