Your Tumbled Stone Identification Pocket Guide

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Stones in this guide are organized by color and note origin when distinctively characteristic. Certain stones have multiple color variants.

Some stones are rarer than others.

  • A tumbled red jasper stone.  Streaks of brown jasper run through the stone.

    Red Jasper

  • A tumbled red brecciated jasper stone.  The stone is opaque red with crackled transluscent agate quartz inclusions.

    Brecciated Jasper

  • A tumbled red tiger's eye stone.  The stone is rootbeer brown.

    Red Tiger's Eye

  • A tumble polished sardonyx agate stone.  The stone is brown with banding.


  • A tumbled Mexican fire agate stone.  The stone shows orange and yellow iridescence.

    Fire Agate

  • A tumbled piece of brown petrified wood.  Black striations are seen.

    Petrified Wood

  • A tumbled star jasper stone.  The stone is dark brown with light brown spotting, some of which crosses itself to give the appearance of "stars."

    Star Jasper

  • A tumbled white piece of limestone with orange garnet crystal inclusions.

    Garnet in Limestone

  • A tumbled Australian tiger iron stone.  Black hematite streaks run through a yellow and red matrix.

    Tiger Iron

  • A tumbled carnelian stone.  The stone is bright orange with black pitting.


  • A tumbled carnelian agate stone.  White banded stripes run horizontally through the orange bodycolor.

    Carnelian Agate

  • A tumbled orange sunstone.  Soft reflections of light are seen in the stone.


  • A tumbled piece of goldstone glass.  Strong, pinpointed light reflections are seen in the stone.

    Goldstone Glass

  • A tumbled rutilated quartz stone.  Clusters of golden rutile inclusions are seen in the clear quartz.

    Rutilated Quartz

  • A tumbled sea agate stone from Madagascar.  White splotches show on a brown body color.

    Sea Agate

  • A tumbled picture jasper stone.  The stone is a light, sandy brown color with black stripes.

    Picture Jasper

  • A tumbled golden tiger's eye stone.  Chatoyant light reflections are seen forming a cat's eye.

    Tiger's Eye

  • A transparent brown, tumbled smoky quartz stone.

    Smoky Quartz

  • A tumbled pyrite stone.  White quartz inclusions are seen in areas of the stone.


  • A tumbled Petoskey stone showing radial inclusions of fossilized coral.

    Petoskey Stone

  • A tumbled yellow jasper stone.  Light and dark yellow colors are seen.

    Yellow Jasper

  • A tumbled mookaite jasper stone.  Red tips are visible on the predominantly yellow stone.

    Mookaite Jasper

  • A transparent, yellow, tumbled citrine stone.


  • A tumbled piece of yellow quartz stone.  The stone is solid yellow and translucent.

    Yellow Quartz

  • A tumbled piece of opalized glass stone.  The stone is yellow with a pearlescent bluish white sheen.

    Opalite Glass

  • A tumbled sulfur quartz stone.  The rock is pale greenish yellow and transluscent in appearance.

    Sulfur Quartz

  • A tumbled citron chrysoprase stone.  The material is an opaque, yellowish lime green.

    Citron Chrysoprase

  • Serpentine

  • A tumbled green prehnite stone.  The matrix is gray and black.


  • A tumbled prasiolite quartz stone.  The stone is faint light green and transluscent.


  • A tumble polished banded green prasiolite stone.  The banding is white.

    Banded Prasiolite

  • A tumble polished moss agate stone.  Veins of a green mineral run through a translucent matrix.

    Moss Agate

  • A tumble polished green fluorite stone.  The stone is vivid mint green.

    Green Fluorite

  • A tumble polished green aventurine stone.  The material is light green with dark green specks.

    Light Green Aventurine

  • A tumble polished dark green aventurine stone.  Reflective mica inclusions are seen in the stone.

    Dark Green Aventurine

  • A green streaked tumbled stone.  The stone is dark, light, and medium green in darkness throughout.


  • A tumbled green Australian chrysoprase stone.  A brown stripe of ironstone matrix runs through the stone.


  • A tumble polished green striped malachite stone.


  • A tumbled green nephrite jade stone.  The stone is olive green with a waxy luster.

    Nephrite Jade

  • A tumble polished piece of dragon stone jasper.  The colors are deep brownish red with mossy green splotches.

    Dragon Stone Jasper

  • A tumble polished unakite stone.  The stone is green with brownish pink spotting.


  • A tumble polished piece of spectrolite feldspar.  The stone's bodycolor is dark green and has bright flashes of pink, blue, and yellow.


  • A tumble polished emerald stone.  The body color is dark green and has a black webbed matrix.


  • A tumble polished piece of green jasper.  The stone is dark green with small yellow spots.

    Green Jasper

  • A tumble polished piece of green goldstone glass.  The stone is black with green sparkle flashes.

    Green Goldstone Glass

  • A tumble polished piece of bloodstone jasper.  The stone is dark green with red hematite spots.


  • A tumbled bloodstone from Africa.  The stone is dark, transluscent forest green with opaque red jasper spots.

    African Bloodstone

  • Chrysocolla Stained Quartz

  • A tumbled chrysocolla stone.  The stone is a bright blue-green with blue azurite webbing.

    Chrysocolla Quartz

  • A tumble polished piece of amazonite feldspar.  The stone is blue-green with white reflective surface flashes.


  • A tumbled turquoise stone.  The stone is spotted blue-green with white quartz inclusions.


  • A tumble polished sky blue topaz stone.  The crystal is transparent.

    Blue Topaz

  • A tumble polished piece of labradorite feldspar.  The stone's body color is greenish blue and has bright blue labradorescent surface flashes.


  • A tumble polished blue aquamarine stone.


  • A tumble polished blue agate stone.  The stone exhibits bubbles of white agate.

    Blue Agate

  • A tumble polished blue quartz stone.  The material is grayish white with blue veins.

    Blue Quartz

  • A tumble polished sodalite stone.  The material is blackish blue with white veining.


  • A tumbled lapis lazuli stone.  The material is dark blue with black matrix and golden pyrite speck inclusions.

    Lapis Lazuli

  • A tumble polished blue azurite stone.  The material is naturally stained dark blue and black.


  • A tumbled dumortierite stone.  The stone is dark violet blue with black spots.


  • Iolite

  • A tumble polished blue corundum stone.  The material is near black with a dark blue tint.

    Blue Sapphire

  • A tumble polished blue tiger's eye stone.  The material is black with a bluish tint with a reflective cat's eye.

    Blue Tiger's Eye

  • A tumble polished charoite stone.  The material is naturally stained purple, white, and black.


  • A tumble polished zebra amethyst stone.  The stone is dark purple with white chevron shaped stripes.

    Zebra Amethyst

  • A tumbled banded amethyst stone.  The stone is dark purple with white banded stripes.

    Banded Amethyst

  • A tumbled Brandberg amethyst stone.  The stone is purple amethyst with inclusions of white quartz and yellowish brown smoky quartz.

    Brandberg Amethyst

  • A tumble polished purple amethyst stone.


  • A tumble polished piece of purple turkieyenite jade.  The stone is purple with red, black, and white marbling.

    Turkiyenite Jade

  • A tumbled lepidolite stone.  The stone is purplish pink with sparkling mica inclusions.


  • A tumble polished piece of pink aventurine stone.  The material is dark pink with reflective mica inclusions.

    Pink Aventurine

  • A tumbled banded apricot agate stone.  The stone is transluscent, light peachy pink, and has white striped banding.

    Apricot Agate

  • A tumble polished rhodonite stone from Canada.  The rock is pink with black webbed matrix.

    Canadian Rhodonite

  • A tumbled rhodonite stone from Mozambique, East Africa.  The stone is pink with black spotting.

    Mozambique Rhodonite

  • A tumbled rhodonite stone from Pakistan.  The rock is hot pink with black matrix.

    Pakistani Rhodonite

  • A tumble polished red dalmatian stone.  The stone is pink with black spots.

    Red Dalmatian Stone (dyed)

  • A tumble polished leopardskin jasper stone.  The stone is pink with round black and red spotting.

    Leopardskin Jasper

  • A tumble polished pink rose quartz stone.

    Rose Quartz

  • A purplish tumbled agate stone with sagenite needle inclusions.

    Sagenite Agate

  • A tumbled banded agate stone.  The pattern of the stone resembles a banded puddle.

    Banded Agate

  • A tumble polished piece of colorless, clear quartz.

    Clear Quartz

  • A tumble polished piece of garden quartz.  The stone is clear with many different crystalline inclusions.

    Garden Quartz

  • A tumble polished white quartz stone.

    White Quartz

  • A tumbled green tree agate stone.  The stone is white with green streaked veins.

    Green Tree Agate

  • A tumble polished white howlite stone.  The stone is white with a black webbed matrix.


  • A tumbled magnesite stone.  The stone is white with gray spiderweb matrix.


  • A tumble polished white moonstone feldspar.  The stone has a white, adularescent surface flash.

    White Moonstone

  • A tumble polished white aventurine stone.  The stone is white with mica sparkle inclusions.

    White Aventurine

  • A tumble polished dalmatian stone.  The stone is yellowish white with yellow and black spotting.

    Dalmatian Stone

  • A tumble polished zebra agate stone.  The stone is black and white striped.

    Zebra Agate

  • A tumble polished white quartz stone with black tourmaline inclusions.

    Tourmalated Quartz

  • A tumble polished gray moonstone.  The material is gray with an adularescent, reflective surface.

    Gray Moonstone

  • A tumble polished piece of banded agate stone.  The stone is dark gray with white and brown bands.

    Gray Banded Agate

  • A tumble polished turritella fossil agate stone.  The stone is a gray conglomerate of seashells.

    Turritella Agate

  • A tumble polished mahogany obsidian crystal.  The stone is black with chocolate brown.

    Mahogany Obsidian

  • A tumble polished snowflake obsidian crystal.  The stone is black with white spotting.

    Snowflake Obsidian

  • A tumbled natural obsidian glass stone, also referred to as "Apache tear."  The stone is black with a waxy luster.

    Apache Tear Obsidian

  • A tumble polished hypersthene stone.  The stone is black with a shiny, metallic luster.


  • A tumble polished hematite stone.  The rock is dark gray and has a metallic luster.


  • A tumble polished, iridescent mother of pearl shell.

    Mother Of Pearl

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How are stones chosen?

One, two, and three pound lots are blindly chosen, weighed, culled of chipped or damaged crystals, separated, hand balanced with other lots if necessary, packaged, and sealed in advance. Twenty-five pound wholesale lots are weighed blindly but are not culled of damaged stones or manually balanced.

The material we work with is the highest grade of natural tumbled stone mix available to our industry, secured by South African connections that go back over fifty years. Tumbled stones are ordered by the ton and arrive in forty-four pound mine bags.

Each of these forty-four pound mine bags is its own batch. Batches can vary in stone variety, number of stones in the mix, which varieties of stones make up the base, and polish quality. While the highest grade of material available is always sourced, macroenvironmental factors such as mine effiencies can sometimes play a role in making particular batches superior or inferior to what's the usual standard. A new batch is not opened or looked at until the batch before it is completely sold through.

Do I get all of the stones in this guide?

If you are looking to purchase a few pounds of our tumbled stone mix and are wondering if you will receive all of the stones listed in our guide, the short answer is no. In fact, a 25lb lot may not even contain a majority of the stones listed in this guide!

Before wondering what kind of stunt we're pulling here, let us first explain.

The development of this guide has taken place over the course of two years and 3000+ pounds of material. Over the years, we have noticed common and uncommon stone varieties change depending on macroeconomic factors such as mine efficiencies, the evolution of origin country restrictions, and politics. For example, due to a temporary era of civil unrest in South Africa during the pandemic, the common stone red jasper became scarcely seen in the mix, while the uncommon stone prehnite became a lot more common.

Additionally, every 50 pounds of rock will typically yield two or three "king stones"- these are stones significantly rarer and sometimes more valuable than the rest. Many stones listed in the guide are special king stones only encountered a small handful of times. In the 3,000+ pounds of material sampled for this guide so far, only one blue sapphire, iolite, hypersthene, and turquoise have been spotted! By our gemologist (yours truly) putting the guide together, anyway. As they say, you never know what you miss.

Eventually, additional stones outside of our tumbled stone mix will be added to this guide for the sake of completion. Rest assured, that day has not come yet.

Can I request certain stones?

Unfortunately, we cannot entertain requests for specific stone varieties when fulfilling tumbled stone mix orders. This is to maintain the fairness, integrity, and surprise element of selling unsearched lots.

We're sorry!

Occasionally, we do purchase specific collector's stones in bulk and offer them for sale individually. Our tumbled turkiyenite collection, for example, gives an idea of just how special it is to come across a piece of this material randomly in our mix. Individual stones not listed on our website can be tracked down across the web, or you can visit us in-store to pick the exact stones you want from our tumbled stone barrel (if you can find them!).

Is this guide complete?

It sure isn't, but that's alright!- It'll get there someday.

Many unmentioned agate and jasper varieties can be found in our tumbled stone mix, and the guide will be upated over time as we come across the best examples.

Other popular tumbled stones do exist outside of our mix that may be added later for the sake of completion, but none of these are currently included. Such examples include softer minerals like calcite and selenite which cannot be safely tumbled with the harder quartz mix, as well as dyed stones that are colored artificially.

What if I'm not thrilled with my order?

Your satisfaction means the world to us! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please reach out to us so that we can make things right.

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