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1.23ct Bicolor Orange Sapphire, Cushion Cut

1.23ct Bicolor Orange Sapphire, Cushion Cut

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Bicolor Orange Sapphire Stone

Sale ends October 14th!

A fascinating example which showcases the magic of a skilled and creative cutter, there is more to this natural, 1.23 carat sapphire than initially meets the eye.

The secret behind this single cushion cut stone is that only a small pocket of the original crystal contained the vivid orange color that you see; the remainder of the crystal was pure, colorless sapphire.

 Determined to make the most of such a desirable color, our cutter took great care with the planning of how this unusual gem would be faceted.  With optimally calculated depth and angle measurements, a colorless section of the crystal was shaped just perfectly to magnify the brilliant orange color, creating the largest orange sapphire possible before sacrificing any color saturation.


Stone Variety Sapphire, natural
Stone Family Corundum
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (millimeters)
5.44mm x 5.02mm x 5.03mm
Dimensions (inches)
0.2" x 0.2" x 0.22"
Origin unspecified
Shape faceted cushion cut
Material Grade AA+
Colors orange, colorless
Treatments / Enhancements heat
Mohs Hardness 9
SKU Number #876
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