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Jasper Palo Verde Beetle Carving | 1.9" x 3"

Jasper Palo Verde Beetle Carving | 1.9" x 3"

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Carved Jasper Beetle:

Palm-sized statuette carved to be a Palo Verde beetle from a single piece of jasper.  The piece is signed by an unknown artist on one side of the base.

More Information...

The Origin: Unknown

The Measurements: 80.02mm (3") x 51.11mm (2") x 49.84mm (1.9")

The Weight: 306.61 grams

Other Notes: Solid base that stands on its own.  Unknown artist, likely carved in Asia.

The Scientific:

  • Mohs hardness: 7
  • forms en masse
  • agate and jasper are both varieties of chalcedony quartz- jasper is opaque, agate is translucent

The Spiritual:

  • brings tranquility through times of stress
  • clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution
  • strengthens resolve to quit smoking


    About Jasper:

    Jasper, a type of "chalcedony" quartz similar to agate, comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors from around the world.  Notable jasper varieties include red jasper, picture jasper, bloodstone, and leopard jasper.  While jasper and agate both are atomically the same, jasper is differentiated by being a completely opaque stone, whereas agate is translucent.  Agate and jasper can form together or in combination with one another.

    Both hard and durable, jasper ranks 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  Due to the microcrystalline nature of how chalcedony is formed, stones are resistant to chipping and breaking.  Jasper jewelry can safely be cleaned with chemical jewelry cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners.


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