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2.5lb Eilat Stone Specimen

2.5lb Eilat Stone Specimen

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Eilat Stone Specimen:

Large 2.5lb specimen of Israeli Eilat stone that has been polished on one face.  Azurite, malachite, turquoise, richterite, and chrysocolla minerals can all be seen.

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The Origin: King Solomon's Mine, Israel

The Measurements: 114.16mm (4.5") x 104.71mm (4.1") x 53.66mm (2.1")

The Weight: Approximately 2.5+ pounds

Other Notes: Natural material, unstabilized


About Eilat Stone:

Israel's national stone, "Eilat stone", is a unique combination of secondary copper minerals that include turquoise, chrysocolla, azurite, malachite, and pseudomalachite.  The stone can only be found in the city of Eilat and is believed to have been heavily influential in supporting ancient Israel's economy.  It is also believed that sales of this rock funded the development of what the Old Testament refers to as Solomon's Temple, or The First Temple.

Because Eilat stone contains turquoise and malachite, we strongly advise not to put Eilat stone jewelry in any chemical jewelry cleaner.  Clean jewelry with a simple polishing cloth or mild soap and water if necessary.  Mohs hardness of this material can range from 2 to 7 depending entirely on the combination of minerals in a stone's makeup.  Pendants and earrings are always safe options when considering Eilat stone jewelry.


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