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21.02ct Kunzite, Emerald Cut

21.02ct Kunzite, Emerald Cut

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Rutilated Mexican Kunzite Gemstone- as is

Large sized, emerald cut kunzite with attractive color and rutile needle inclusions.  The table and upper bezel facets are abraded; this is reflected in the price, and the stone is being sold "as is."  See the photos and video for more details.

Stone Variety Kunzite, natural
Stone Family Spodumene
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (millimeters)
17.70mm x 13.82mm x 8.94mm
Dimensions (inches)
0.7" x 0.5" x 0.33"
Origin Mexico
Shape faceted emerald cut
Material Grade C+
Colors purplish pink
Treatments / Enhancements possibly heat
Mohs Hardness 6.5 to 7
SKU Number #1052
Additional Notes
table is abraded- stone is being sold "as is", eye visible rutile inclusions
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