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Burton's Gems and Opals

22.41ct Quilpie Boulder Opal Stone | #18

22.41ct Quilpie Boulder Opal Stone | #18

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Australian Boulder Opal:

Weight (carats)
Dimensions (millimeters)
24.85mm x 16.44mm x 6.91mm
Origin Quilpie Mining District, Queensland, Australia
Shape pear shaped cabochon cut
Colors blue, aqua, green, violet
Brightness of Color Play (-1 to 5+) 2
Darkness of Body (+1 to 5-) N/A
Treatments / Enhancements none, natural
SKU Number #18

Additional Notes: Thickness of this stone makes it a versatile option for use in rings, pendants, and bracelets.  This stone is from our latest collection of Quilpie boulder opal from Queensland, Australia.  Natural fractures have been left in the stone to intentionally prioritize size and color brightness.

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