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3.60ct Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant | 14kt White Gold

3.60ct Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant | 14kt White Gold

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A Bit About The Piece:

AA+ grade tanzanite and diamond halo filigree pendant in white gold.


Details, details...

The Center Stone: Tanzanite, natural

  • cut: faceted oval cut
  • stone measurements: 10.64mm (0.4") x 8.55mm (0.33") x 5.65mm (0.2")
  • color grade: AA+
  • orign: Tanzania

The Accent Stones: Diamond, natural

  • stone count: 25
  • estimated total carat weight: 0.43ct
  • cut: Standard Round Brilliant Cut
  • average clarity grade: SI2
  • average color grade: I-J-K
  • approximately 70% of stones fluoresce

The Setting: Prong Set Halo Filigree Pendant

  • 14kt white gold, solid
  • pendant length (including bail): 24.12mm (1")
  • pendant width: 14.24mm (0.5")
  • bail opening width: 3.52mm
  • chain not included


About Tanzanite:

Tanzanite, a new discovery as of 1967, is the blue variety of "zoisite" mined only at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania.  The stone has gained much popularity over recent decades and is the third birthstone of December.  While deep, saturated blue is most desirable, stones come in a variety of different blue shades, including lavender and denim.

Anecdotally, we wish to remind everyone considering the purchase of tanzanite jewelry to do so only from a trusted source.  We have had many customers come back from cruises with blue cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelry they had purchased for many thousands of dollars from jewelry stores at foreign ports claiming to be affiliated with the cruise line.  These are dangerous scams to be aware of.  Scams we have seen typically involve what would-be several thousand dollar stones set in sterling silver, but this may not always be the case.

Tanzanite makes great earrings and pendants.  With a Mohs hardness of 6 to 7, tanzanite rings should be worn mainly for dress.  While it is safe to clean tanzanite jewelry with most chemical jewelry cleaners, it is important to avoid ultrasonic cleaning machines and steam cleaners.  We recommend cleaning jewelry with this stone in warm water with mild soap and a soft bristled toothbrush.

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