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Purple Spinel & Zircon Ring | 14kt

Purple Spinel & Zircon Ring | 14kt

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A Bit About The Piece:

Purple cushion cut spinel and natural zircon past, present, future ring.

Details, details...

The Center Stone: Spinel, natural

  • carat weight: 1.37cts
  • stone measurements: 6.43mm x 5.93mm
  • faceted cushion cut
  • purple color

The Side Stones: Zircon, natural

  • 2 faceted round cuts
  • approximate total carat weight: 0.25ct
  • white color
  • average stone diameter: 4.52mm

The Setting: Cast Four Prong Set Past, Present, Future Ring

  • 14kt yellow gold, solid
  • default size: 5.25


About Spinel:

Spinel is a gemstone that naturally forms in a wide variety of colors.  Red is the most desirable color, followed by vivid cobalt blue, then vivid hot pink and bright, saturated orange.  Violet, purple, lavender, and black stones are most common.  While natural green spinel may possibly exist in special collections, it is common industry belief that all green spinel available to the market is either synthetic or tampered with (by inserting a thin disc of green glass between two pieces of colorless spinel).  We find it prudent to stand by this belief unless otherwise proven by a GIA certificate.  Black spinel can typically be told apart from other black stones with a super magnet due to its high iron content- it will be faintly magnetic.  Red spinel is often confused with ruby, though red spinel tends to be brighter and more light-reflective.

Natural spinel ranks 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a great choice in jewelry for everyday wear.  Spinel jewelry can be cleaned in chemical jewelry cleaners as well as ultrasonic cleaners.  As with most jewelry, it is especially safe to clean with warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristled toothbrush.


About Zircon:

Not to be confused with lab grown "cubic zirconia," zircon is the earliest forming natural gemstone on Earth, believed to have formed 4.4 billion years ago.  The stone comes in a variety of colors including golden brown, green, white, blue, and pink.  Blue zircon is one of December's three birthstones.

Zircon possesses two unique gemological qualities most gems do not: it has a high birefringence, and it is metamict.  Zircon's "high birefringence" directly contributes to how much the stone sparkles; it also gives a visually blurring "doubling" effect that can be observed when looking into the stone.  "Metamict" is a term that refers to when a crystal's natural inherent radioactivity causes damage to its own atomic structure over time.  The radioactivity of zircon is too faint to have any effect on humans (even with constant everyday wear over one's life), and damage is believed to occur over many millennia.

Zircon ranks 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale; green and golden-brown stones are on the softer end of the range (due to being earlier forming material with more time for radioactive change), and blue, pink, and white stones are on the harder end of the range.  While zircon is generally regarded durable material, we advise to remove rings when working with your hands to avoid unnecessary wear.  It is safe to clean zircon jewelry with chemical jewelry cleaner unless otherwise noted on the label.


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