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Z3- Custom Chrome Diopside Pendant Project Portal

Z3- Custom Chrome Diopside Pendant Project Portal

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Project Description: Create ladies' chrome diopside and diamond pendant in 14kt yellow gold like provided style sample, proportionate with selected stone.  Chain not included.  Customer to approve CAD before proceeding with completing the project.


Estimated Timeframe of Completion: Approximately 4 weeks from the date of Deposit 1.


Project Estimate:

7.22ct Chrome Diopside Stone: $375.00

0.05ct Diamond Stone: $60.00

CAD: $260.00

Labor: $300.00

14kt Gold: $380.00 est. $300.00 updated price 7/10/24

Domestic US Shipping: No Charge

Total: $1,375.00 est. $1,295.00 updated total 7/10/24


Deposit #1: $825.00 -Paid up-front to start the project.  The customer may cancel the project at any time before approving the CAD for a full refund, less the $260 cost of the CAD. Paid 7/6/24

Deposit #2: Remaining Balance ($470.00 updated 7/10/24) -Balance to be definitively determined and updated after completing the CAD.  To be paid upon completion of the project.  After the customer approves the CAD and final price, no part of this project is eligible for a refund.

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