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Zoe | Duck Creek Opalized Wood Brooch/Pendant in 14kt Gold

Zoe | Duck Creek Opalized Wood Brooch/Pendant in 14kt Gold

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Meet Zoe,

A Purple Sparkling Opalized Wood Brooch

Accented in a 14 karat yellow gold filigree style brooch with a pendant attachment, this natural piece of opalized wood shines with subtly brilliant colors of purple, blue, and green.  Enjoy it as a pin, or put it on a dainty chain and wear it as a pendant.  Chain not included.


More Information...

The Stone: Natural Opalized Wood, solid

  • stone count: 1
  • origin: Duck Creek, New South Wales, Australia
  • brightness of color play: 3 of 5
  • darkness of body color: N/A
  • shape: concave oval cabochon
  • stone measurements (millimeters): 22.25mm x 29.96mm x 5.69mm
  • stone measurements (inches): 0.9" x 1.20" x 0.2"
  • play of color description: purple with purple/blue overtones and green undertones

      The Setting: Bezel-Set Filigreen Brooch with Pendant Attachment

      • metal: 14kt yellow gold, solid
      • height of piece: 29.20mm (1.1")
      • width of piece: 37.06mm (1.5")
      • thickness of piece (including pin): 7.92mm (0.3")
      • bail opening width: 2.78mm
      • weight of piece: 4.56 grams
      • modern hinge and safety latch
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