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Green Zoisite Cabochon | #200

Green Zoisite Cabochon | #200

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The Stone: Zoisite

  • natural
  • unstabilized

The Weight: 80.92 carats

The Origin: Zaire, Africa

The Cut: Oval Cabochon Cut

  • stone measurements: 40mm x 31mm x 5.7mm

The Color: Green with Black spots


About Zoisite:

Zoisite is known to come in a few exceptional varieties.  The most popular in the gem trade is blue zoisite from Tanzania, commonly referred to as "tanzanite."  Green material is also relatively well-known to the industry, especially when it contains inclusions of red ruby; this is called "ruby in zoisite," or "anyolite."  "Thulite," also known as "rosaline," is the lesser known pink zoisite from Scandinavia.

All zoisite ranks from 6 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it perfect for pendants, earrings, and rings for dressy occasions.  It is important to only let jewelers familiar with the material perform any kind of work or maintenance on zoisite jewelry... including cleaning.  In particular, tanzanite is sensitive to heat shock and pressure- both of which are required to happen during routine maintenance.  Experienced jewelers know how to handle zoisite jewelry properly and avoid costly mistakes.

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