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1.95ct "Intermediate Type" Green Zircon, Oval Cut

1.95ct "Intermediate Type" Green Zircon, Oval Cut

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"Intermediate Type" Green Zircon Gemstone

A fine example of what geologists refer to as "medium" or "intermediate zircon," this stone is a fascinating geologic curiosity for beginning and avid gem collectors alike.

Zircon, the earliest-forming gemstone known, exhibits a unique characteristic called "metamict."  The term refers to a mineral that loses its crystal structure over long periods of geologic time due to its own radioactivity.  While zircon's radioactivity is so faint that it does not pose any danger to humans, over many millions of years, it will slowly change itself.

The majority of zircon, especially gemstones used in jewelry, are "high" zircon.  High zircon is later-forming material that has not yet had time to change; typical colors are blue, white, and pink.  "Intermediate" and "low" types are rarer, earlier-forming gems that have structurally decayed a reasonable to extensive degree.  Many collectors seek these unusual stones for their history; they usually come in green and brown colors.

Stone Details...

Stone Family Zircon, natural
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (millimeters)
8.48mm x 6.52mm x 4.22mm
Dimensions (inches)
0.33" x 0.25" x 0.2"
Origin unspecified
Shape faceted oval cut
Material Grade AA+
Colors green
Treatments / Enhancements likely heat
Mohs Hardness 6 to 7.5
SKU Number #1061

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