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13.14ct Amethyst, Oval Buff Top Cut

13.14ct Amethyst, Oval Buff Top Cut

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Oval Buff Top Cut Amethyst:

A loose purple amethyst gemstone featuring a hybrid oval buff top cut.  The top of the stone is domed cabochon-style, and beneath the girdle of the stone is traditionally faceted.  Dots seen in the photos and video are reflections of the lightsource.

Stone Variety
Amethyst, natural
Stone Family Quartz
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (inches)
0.7" x 0.5" x 0.4"
Dimensions (millimeters)
17.56mm x 12.91mm x 10.61mm
Origin Brazil
Shape hybrid oval buff top cut
Material Grade A+
Colors brownish pinkish purple
Treatments / Enhancements none
Mohs Hardness 7
SKU Number #797
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