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142.87g Twinned Pink Danburite Crystal Specimen

142.87g Twinned Pink Danburite Crystal Specimen

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Pink Danburite:

A palm-sized crystal cluster with areas of particular clarity and a nice, light pink body color throughout.  Multiple pink danburite crystals, "twins," form off of a larger, central crystal.

More Information...

The Weight: 142.87 grams

The Origin: Unknown- likely Mexico

The Measurements: 91.26mm (3.6") x 46.27mm (1.8") x 26.92mm (1")

Other Notes: Unusually large specimen with approximately five twins growing off of the central crystal.  SEE IMPORTANT CARE INFORMATION.  Pink danburite is not commonly seen due to improper care.  Stones must be stored long-term out of direct sunlight.

The Scientific:

  • Mohs hardness: 7 - 7.5
  • orthorhombic crystal system
  • material first discovered in Danbury, Connecticut
  • IMPORTANT CARE INFORMATION: Store out of direct sunlight.  Quick, occasional sun exposure will not hurt the stone, but prolonged exposure can cause the pink color to fade.

The Spiritual:

  • powerful for work with higher heart chakra
  • aids meditation
  • high vibration acts as assistant for interdimensional travel


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