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4.18ct Moldavite, Oval Checkerboard Cut

4.18ct Moldavite, Oval Checkerboard Cut

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Loose Moldavite Gemstone

This well-saturated, natural moldavite gemstone weighs 4.18 carats and is cut into a faceted oval shape with a checkerboard table.  The color is deep green with slight yellow undertones; the stone is well-cut and eye clean.

Stone Variety Moldavite, natural
Stone Family Glass
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (millimeters)
12.11mm x 10.13mm x 6.93mm
Dimensions (inches)
0.5" x 0.4" x 0.25"
Origin Czech Republic
Shape faceted oval checkerboard cut
Material Grade AAA
Colors dark green
Mohs Hardness 5.5
SKU Number #841


About Moldavite:

Moldavite is a natural green glass found in the Czech Republic created by extraterrestrial intervention.  While the stone's formation is still a mystery to geologists today, the current leading theory is that heat and pressure from a meteor landing in Germany 14.5 million years ago created the ideal conditions to turn the dirt at the crash site to glass.  Impact sent this glass up into the atmosphere where it then eventually fell in neighboring Czechoslovakia.  Today, the stone has become the center of social media attention due to believed "life changing" metaphysical abilities.

Because moldavite is glass, we advise wearing jewelry containing this stone with care.  Stones can scratch, chip, or abrade if worn improperly.  While pendants and earrings are recommended, rings can be an excellent choice when worn for dress.


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