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5.81ct Zandrite, Round Checkerboard Cut

5.81ct Zandrite, Round Checkerboard Cut

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Checkerboard Cut Color Change Zandrite Glass

Ordinary chromium-laced glass that has been given a custom cut of our own.  We have always had a fascination with this man-made material for its strong color color changing abilities, transitioning from green to tan to pink; cut with the brilliant round checkerboard cut, this is a piece that is one sure to inspire wonder.

Stone Variety Zandrite, man-made
Stone Family Glass
Weight (carats)
Weight (grams)
Dimensions (millimeters)
11.84mm x 11.87mm x 8.09mm
Dimensions (inches)
0.5" x 0.5" x 0.3"
Origin laboratory, possibly United States
Shape faceted checkerboard round cut
Material Grade AA+
Colors purplish pink to green/tan
Treatments / Enhancements chromium infused glass
Mohs Hardness 5
SKU Number #1050
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