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7.25" Red Spinel & Pargasite on Calcite Specimen

7.25" Red Spinel & Pargasite on Calcite Specimen

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Spinel and Pargasite on Calcite

An extraordinary sampling from the Luc Yen District of Vietnam, this 7.25+ inch long mineral specimen exhibits more than six red spinel crystals and green pargasite crystals dispersed throughout the white calcite conglomerate matrix.  Crystals are large and prominently display their iconic structures.


Mineral Varieties Spinel, Pargasite, Calcite
Weight (pounds)
Weight (kilograms)
Dimensions (inches)
7.25" x 3.5" x 2.25"
Origin Luc Yen District, Vietnam
Colors red, green, white
Treatments / Enhancements none
Mohs Hardness 8, 5 to 6, 3
SKU Number #819
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