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Burma Ruby Cluster Ring | 10kt

Burma Ruby Cluster Ring | 10kt

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A Bit About The Piece:

Cluster of Burma rubies prong set in a 10kt yellow gold split shank ring.

Details, details...

The Stones: Ruby, natural

  • 22 total stones including:
  • 14 round cuts
  • 8 marquise cuts
  • round cut measurements: 2.5mm to 3mm
  • marquise cut measurements: 4mm x 2mm
  • origin: Myanmar (Burma)

    The Setting: Cast Split Shank Prong Set Cluster Ring

    • 10kt yellow gold, solid
    • default size: 6.00


    About Burma Ruby:

    Ruby is a red variety of "corundum," the same family of gems as sapphire.  While all ruby is red sapphire, not all red sapphire is ruby.  The term "ruby" is a rather subjective one, with many gem merchants eager to use the word liberally.  If a stone has too much purple, pink, orange, or brown (giving a brick-red appearance), it is to be referred to as sapphire of that particular color (with "brick red" sapphire simply referred to as "red sapphire"), not ruby.  Ruby is the official birthstone for the month of July.

    Burma, now Myanmar, is known to produce some of the finest quality ruby available on the market, with prices fetching over 2.5x more than Thai and Sri Lankan material.  This was not always the case, however; in 2008, President George W. Bush signed the JADE Act, banning all precious gemstone importation from Myanmar due to the country's heavy military involvement with the mining companies.  The sanctions were briefly lifted by President Obama in 2016, only for President Trump to reimpose them in 2018.  It is speculated that President Biden has no intention of lifting these sanctions under his term.  Despite all of this, Burma rubies still make it into the country through third party distributors, such as Germany and American tourist traps set up in Myanmar.  Because the United States can no longer buy directly from the source through legitimate channels, these third party distributors get to set the price.  Burma rubies can be identified by their natural fluorescence in the sunlight and under ultraviolet black-light.  It is important to know and trust your own source: lab created stones fluoresce, too!

    All corundum, natural or synthetic, ranks 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is very tough.  This material is incredibly durable and highly encouraged to those shopping around for an alternative stone for an engagement ring.  Ruby and sapphire of any color make excellent rings that can be passed down through generations.  Ruby can be cleaned with chemical jewelry cleaners without any worry.


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