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Strawberry Quartz Cabochon

Strawberry Quartz Cabochon

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Strawberry Quartz Cabochon:

Extremely rare collector's stone due to its saturated color, brilliant lepidocrocite inclusion density, and awe inspiring size of 139.15 carats.  This gem is quite the sight to see in person.

More Information...

The Origin: Mexico

The Measurements: 33.88mm x 24.29mm x 22.24mm

The Weight: 139.15 carats

The Cut: Oval Cabochon Cut

Other Notes:  Highly unusual collector's stone in this size.  Faint Trapiche pattern is indicative of material from Mexico (as opposed to Russia).  Quartz densely included with hematite and lepidocrocite, photographed zoomed in under a microscope, create the color and reflective sparkle.  Material is completely natural.

We purchased the damaged natural crystal in an estate rock buy.  It was then cut in-house by hand over a Monday and Tuesday "weekend" we were closed, August 15th and 16th, 2016.  Our master lapidarist contracted a mysterious ocular infection from the lepidocrocite inclusions which lasted for over half of a year.  He has since recovered.

A second, lighter weight stone was cut from the bottom of the crystal, a purple "strawberry amethyst."  The larger strawberry quartz was cut from the top of the crystal.

The Scientific:

  • Mohs hardness: 7
  • hematite creates the color, lepidocrocite needles create the sparkle
  • very old material from Mexico
  • hematite creates "trapiche" star

The Spiritual:

  • promotes self love
  • deepens friendships and relationships
  • helps make clear the path one is meant to take



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