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Tourmaline Cluster Ring | Sterling Silver

Tourmaline Cluster Ring | Sterling Silver

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A Bit About The Piece:

A rainbow of tourmaline stones set with natural white zircon accents in a silver ring.

Details, details...

The Main Stones: Tourmaline

  • 9 faceted oval cuts
  • colors: green, smoky brown, light blue, yellow, pink, red orange
  • average stone measurements: 6.3mm x 4.25mm
  • natural

The Side Stones: Zircon, natural

  • faceted round cuts
  • average stone diameter: 1.15mm
  • color: white

The Setting: Cast Prong Set Cluster Ring

  • .925 sterling silver, solid
  • top of ring width: 27.51mm
  • bottom of shank width: 2.35mm
  • North-South stone orientations
  • default size: 6.00

About Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is a gemstone well-known for naturally occurring in any shade and saturation of color on the color spectrum.  Special terms are assigned to stones of certain colors, such as "rubellite" (red), "indicolite" (blue), "schorl" (black), "dravite" (brown), and "Paraiba" (highly rare electric blue only from Brazil).  Occasionally, multiple vivid colors can be present in a single stone, completely independent from one another.  These stones are referred to as "bicolor" and "tricolor."

Tourmaline is a hard stone coming in at 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.  While stones are safe to use with chemical jewelry cleaner, it is very important to note that tourmaline cannot be put into an ultrasonic cleaner machine.  Many tourmalines contain natural liquid-filled inclusions that can burst from ultrasonic vibrations created by such a machine, causing a stone to break.  Soap, water, and a soft bristled toothbrush are safe and effective for cleaning tourmaline jewelry.


About Zircon:

Not to be confused with lab grown "cubic zirconia," zircon is the earliest forming natural gemstone on Earth, believed to have formed 4.4 billion years ago.  The stone comes in a variety of colors including golden brown, green, white, blue, and pink.  Blue zircon is one of December's three birthstones.

Zircon possesses two unique gemological qualities most gems do not: it has a high birefringence, and it is metamict.  Zircon's "high birefringence" directly contributes to how much the stone sparkles; it also gives a visually blurring "doubling" effect that can be observed when looking into the stone.  "Metamict" is a term that refers to when a crystal's natural inherent radioactivity causes damage to its own atomic structure over time.  The radioactivity of zircon is too faint to have any effect on humans (even with constant everyday wear over one's life), and damage is believed to occur over many millennia.

Zircon ranks 6 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale; green and golden-brown stones are on the softer end of the range (due to being earlier forming material with more time for radioactive change), and blue, pink, and white stones are on the harder end of the range.  While zircon is generally regarded durable material, we advise to remove rings when working with your hands to avoid unnecessary wear.  It is safe to clean zircon jewelry with chemical jewelry cleaner unless otherwise noted on the label.


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